WELCOME TO: BuffaloPitts.com!


Welcome to BuffaloPitts.com, the ONLY website solely dedicated to the Buffalo Pitts Company of Buffalo, New York USA. 


Unfortunately, the web host, Lycos, has been plagued by a "Lost Content Issue" affecting its easy-to-create websites.  When a webmaster tries to make a simple revision or addition to his or her website, and they load their website into the Edit Website page, often times the page will not fully load.  Unfortunately, this content is IMMEDIATELY LOST regardless if the webmaster closes the browser window.  There were several images on this Home page and they're now gone. 


Re-building the website will take a great deal of time, and so we hope to have it done some time before Summer 2014.  That means all book writing is on hold until this silly website issue is resolved the only way possible: a brand new website with a brand new web host. 


Please wish your humble webmaster good luck in this task. 


Thanks for your understanding!!!


The rest of this website, for now, is intact.  But, if your webmaster tries to make changes to other pages, those may also lose content. 


Webmaster Bri

your nerdy webmaster