The format here is pretty much the same as with the patents.  The name of the PDF document gives information on the ad.  The name starts with the source (magazine title), and then what it is (e.g., "BP Ad" is a Buffalo Pitts ad) followed by the publication date. 

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steam traction engines

gasoline tractors


1850 Ad - John A Pitts in Springfield Ohio.pdf

Mercantile Guide - Pitts Ag Works - 1856.pdf

American Agriculturist - BP Ad from 1880.pdf

Good Roads - BP Road Buiding Outfit Ad - Aug 1908.pdf

Good Roads - BP Road Train Ad - Jan 1909.pdf

Good Roads - BP Hauling Outfit Ad - July 1909.pdf

Good Roads - BP Contractors Special Ad - Dec 1909.pdf

Good Roads - BP Announcement Ad - Feb 1911.pdf

Gas Power - BP Triplex Ad May 1911.pdf

Gas Power - BP Triplex Ad June 1911.pdf



a subsidiary of Buffalo Pitts,

which later merged with

Kelly-Springfield to form

Buffalo-Springfield Company

Good Roads - BSR Ad - 1908.pdf

Good Roads - BSR Ad - 1909.pdf

Good Roads - BSR Ad - 1911.pdf

Good Roads - BSR Ad - 1914.pdf

Good Roads - BSR Ad - 1918 - Small.pdf

Good Roads Yearbook - BP&BS Ad - 1917.pdf

Good Roads Yearbook - BSR Ad - 1916.pdf


Here's an "Ad Image" (below) for the rare Buffalo Pitts "Steam Wagon."  This was essentially a steam-powered traction engine redesigned to serve as a steam-powered dump truck or even a steam-powered pickup truck.  This image originally hung on the wall in an office at the old Buffalo Pitts plant on Carolina Street in Buffalo New York USA.  Your webmaster got this image in response to an ad placed in the local "Steam Association's" newsletter (i.e., the "Flywheel News" bi-monthly newsletter published by the Western New York Gas & Steam Engine Association, a.k.a. Alexander Steam Show of Alexander NY).  The ad said that I was looking for Buffalo Pitts items.  The owner of this image, Brad Fischer of South Wales, NY (located about 25 or so miles SSE of Buffalo, NY),  was given the image by his Grandfather who worked at the Buffalo Pitts plant for a short while.  A "field photo" of this Steam Wagon is in the book "Classic American Steamrollers" sub-titled "1871-1935 Photo Archive" by Drake and Rhode.  Buy this book!!!