OK, so the name "Buffalo Pitts Tractor Club" is not exactly well thought out.  But, your nerdmaster did create a long list (like about 5-6 pages - really, he's THAT nerdy) of possible words & terms, as well as word arrangements, for this tractor club.  But, sometimes simple is best, right?   

First, you have obvious questions, such as: will we have club meetings?; will there be beer at the meetings?; will the beer be good beer?; will there be food?; will there be good food?; will the webmaster supply sleeping accommodations at his house?; will there be beer?; will there be good beer?; and so forth.  Well, the quick answer is, uh, well, no no no no no no no no.  

Obviously, many of the people who are interested in Buffalo Pitts are not in the United States.  Heck, there may end up being more "members" in Australia than in the USA.  So, OK, that means that this really isn't a "tractor club" per se.  That is, we won't have meetings or a roster, or membership dues, and so forth.  It just means that we can, uh, be a club in "spirit" OK?  We can keep in touch with other Buffalo Pitts enthusiasts and find out what's happening in the wide, wide world of Buffalo Pitts (yeah, OK, I admit that did sound hokey when I typed it).  

OK, so why a club?  Well, why not?  The webmaster's main objective to forming this "club" was to generate graphics that would inspire pride and, hopefully, generate interest in Buffalo Pitts.  (OK, that made more sense in my head than when I typed it.) 


But, what we'd like to do is create graphics for t-shirts and other items.  So, what would garner more pride and interest?  Graphics with just a simple "Buffalo Pitts this and that" with some old steam tractor?  Or... graphics with "Buffalo Pitts Tractor Club" with a cool-looking Triplex tractor?  We hope you'll say the letter.  


T-Shirts - Proof Images of the Graphics


These are simple grey 100% cotton t-shirts with short sleeves, and NO pocket  The logo is on the front left breast area and larger logo is on the back.  The graphics are the same size regardless of the shirt size.  The images are the proofs from the silk screen provider (Al Ross of Buffalo NY USA). 


We have Men's sizes in Small, Medium, Large, XL, 2XL.  Small sizes are limited, so e-mail the webmaster () if you want to order a Small to ensure availability.  We may also have a 3XL t-shirt available so, again, e-mail to check.