Companies That Produced Tractors & Steamrollers in WNY 

  • Hession Tiller and Tractor Corp., Buffalo, NY - tractor & agricultural equipment (a.k.a. Wheat, Matthews)
  • Iroquois Iron Works, Buffalo, NY - steamrollers
  • Waterous Company, Brantford, Ontario Canada - steam tractors and steamrollers
  • Birdsall Engine Company, Auburn, NY - tractors and steamrollers
  • Many more will be added when this sub-section is converted to a web page including; Buffalo Tractor & Truck Corporation (Buffalo & Clarence, NY); Gasport Motor Company (Gasport, NY), etc.

Companies That Produced Trucks & Truck Bodies in WNY

  • Stewart Motor Corp., Buffalo, NY - trucks and truck bodies
  • Buffalo Pitts - steam trucks (rare); truck bodies (just before bankruptcy)
  • Many more will be added when this sub-section is converted to a web page including: Buffalo, Iroquois, Pierce-Arrow, Young Fire Equipment Corp. (Lancaster), American (Lockport), etc.

Companies That Produced Automobiles in Western NY

Wow, where to begin?  Pierce-Arrow, Thomas (as in the famous Thomas Flyer), Atterbury, Auto Car, Babcock Electric, Bird, Bison, Bowen, Buffalo, Centaur, Chevrolet (cars were made from 1923 to the start of WWII in the Delavan Street factory that's now the American Axle plant), King, Playboy (the inspiration for the name of a certain soft-porn magazine, really!), Red Jacket, Stewart, etc. 

Again, this section will become a dedicated web page and then will be expanded.  BUT, until then here's a small book from 1969 that's got stories about the manufacturers of bicycles, cars, etc. in Western New York USA (document below). 

Western NY Makers of Autos etc
1905 Thomas Flyer Catalog
Motor Vehicle Manufacturers Based in NY - ½Mb


Companies That Produced Motorcycles Locally

Did you know that right here in Western NY, specifically Angola, we had one of the premier motorcycle manufacturers in the world?  Did you?  They were bigger and better than that "other" company that made motorcycles... what was their name again?  Oh, I'll remember it eventually (Harvey something, maybe?). 

Anyway, right here in Angola was Emblem Motorcycles.  Just one company, you ask?  No!  We also had Pierce Motorcycles of Buffalo (which later had financial difficulties and was bought out by Emblem).  And if you're wondering if this "Pierce" is somehow associated with the great automobile manufacturer Pierce-Arrow, you're right!  And like Pierce-Arrow cars, Pierce motorcycles were top of the line, with power to spare.  Would you believe that Pierce produced the first American four-cylinder motorcycle? 

Once again, 100 years ago, Western NY lead the world in manufacturing.  This section will also become a dedicated web page and then will be expanded.