1915 Catalog Pages

In the January 1963 issue of Engineers and Engines Magazine, there were twelve pages published (ironically, pages 1-12) from what appears to be the 1915 Buffalo Pitts catalog (or from a year very close to 1915).  Credit for those pages was given to Glen McNamar, Route 1, Granger, Missouri.  Just Ctrl-Left-Click on the name of the file to open a new tab in your web browser to view the PDF images. 

1915 BP Catalog Pgs - E&EMag Jan1963


Or, click HERE to view the photo album containing those 1915 catalog pages.


We also have the same catalog from Paul E. Deo of Snover, Michigan, USA.  Paul is a Buffalo Pitts engine owner, and has donated these catalog images. 

1915 Buffalo Pitts Catalog - Complete Catalog - 16Mb



1915 Buffalo Pitts Repair-Parts Price List


The following documents each contain a 1915 Buffalo Pitts "Repair Price List of Parts for Engines, Threshers and Attachments."  The original is owned by the webmaster.  There are two files here, both the same except for resolution.  Download the file that suits your computer and internet set-up the best.  Each document contains the file size in its name.  


1915 Price List - High Res - 13Mb file size


1915 Price List - Low Res - 3Mb file size



1900 Buffalo Pitts Repair-Parts Price List

(These are BIG files)


This Repair Price List was obtained from Craig Detwiler of Indiana,

who owns a 24HP Banting Greyhound steam traction engine (a beauty). 

Banting was at one time a major distributor of Buffalo Pitts equipment.

To see the progress of the PDF download, watch the bottom-left corner

of the Adobe Reader indow for the download progress.


Please be patient for the download! 


1900 Price List - Complete
1900 Repair Price List - Engines


1900 Repair Price List - Threshers


1900 Little Pitts Thresher Catalog Pages

Little Pitts Steel Frame Thresher from 1900 - 1Mb



1914 Catalog Pages

Craig Detwiler of Goshen, Indiana USA has donated scanned images of two pages from his original 1914 Buffalo Pitts catalog.  Those pages are in PDF form just below this paragraph.  Just Ctrl-Left-Click on the name of the file to open a new tab in your web browser to view the PDF images. 

1914 Buffalo Pitts Catalog - C Detwiler


Other owners and fans of the Buffalo Pitts Company engines have indicated that they will provide scans of original catalogs in the future.  Your webmaster has bought documents on eBay and from individuals.  He's also been in contact with various organizations who wish to offer digital copies of some of their Buffalo Pitts documentation.  So, please check back in the future for additions to this section.


1916 Buffalo Pitts Equipment & Options

Price List


This Equipment & Options Price List was obtained from a friend of the website.  The prices are for end-item assemblies (tractors, engines, threshers, etc.) and for some of the options that were available.  


1916 Price List - Equipment & Options



1910 Buffalo Pitts Thresher Machinery

Order & Credit Application Form


This form was obtained from Craig Detwiler of Goshen, Indiana USA.  This PDF is 3.82 Mb in size.

1910 Order Form & Credit Application - Buffalo Pitts Machi…



Buffalo Steam Roller Company


We've also have the Historical Construction Equipment Association (HCEA.net) to thank for the following catalogs from the Buffalo Steam Roller Company (a subsidiary of Buffalo Pitts).  The webmaster took the images, tweaked them in Picasa (straightened, cropped all to the same size, converted to black & white for faster downloading, removed large imperfections where possible, adjusted the darkness & contrast).  Then, the images were pasted into a blank Microsoft Word document.  That document was converted to a PDF format using Cute PDF Writer (in black & white to reduce size). 


The last PDF below is a small brochure for steamroller engineers and states that it is for "Pitts Rollers" on the front page, but states "Buffalo-Springfield Roller Company" inside.  So, it applies to both companies (Buffalo Steamroller and Buffalo-Springfield). 


And, there you have it.  

1905 Buffalo Steam Roller Company Catalog


1912 Catalog Buffalo Steam Roller Company


1905 Flyer Buffalo Steam Roller Company


1915 Mailer Buffalo Steam Roller Company


Useful Hints for Buffalo Pitts Road Roller Engineers - 191…