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So, just who is your WebMaster???

Your WebMaster (who talks about himself in the third person quite often), and who often refers to himself as the "NerdMaster") is a native of Western New York (which is where Buffalo lies, thus the interest in Buffalo Pitts).  Brian is an engineer and writer who has been fascinated by all things mechanical his entire life. 

When very young Brian would take things apart to see how they worked.  Many years later he would occasionally try to reassemble the items he took apart.  Many, many, many years later he was almost successful at reassembling the things he took apart.  But seriously, Brian's always loved cars, trucks, tractors, airplanes, motorcycles, mechanical gizmos and so forth. 

Brian put himself through private engineering college majoring in mechanical engineering (specializing in mechanics) with a minor in Literature and Engineering Mathematics.  As a co-op student he worked at various companies.  He was lucky to work on the Strategic Oil Reserve proposals in the 1970's.  Also while a co-op student he developed a welding positioner compatible with welding robots. 

After graduating, Brian was an engineer in the Health & Safety field working with respirators (including the famous Scott Air-Pak).  In the late 1980's Brian had to upgrade the Scott Air-Pak to meet stringent new standards from the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA standard 1981).  Basically, he had to ready the Air-Pak for the 21st century and ready it fast; that is, the Air-Pak meeting the new specifications had to be ready before competitors released their upgraded models.  In the process he developed heat & flame components such as elasticized Kevlar (which the experts said couldn't be done). 

He later transferred to aviation oxygen products.  He worked as an engineering program manager on engineering development programs for several years before taking a lead position in Aviation Product Support.  Primarily, Brian dealt with technical publications, such as repair manuals and service bulletins.  Whilst there he honed his proofreading and writing skills further.  He developed "parallel parts lists" and other unique organizational approaches to such publications so as to make the job of the aviation repair technician easier. 

Unfortunately, Brian was forced to take an early disability/retirement for medical reasons.  He stays active at his small farm.  He writes on occasion, such as in newsletters focusing on local history.  And, of course, he's created this web site.  But his health comes first.  So, this web site will be completed when it's completed (deep, eh?).