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Your webmaster has been lucky enough to be allowed to write one-page articles on local Western New York manufacturing history.  He started writing these articles late in 2010, first starting with book and magazine ideas for the holidays.  Then, starting with the January-February 2011 issue, the articles started focusing on manufacturers from Western NY that made items of interest to readers of the Flywheel News. 


Unfortunately, your webmaster DID HAVE an index to these articles.  But, when he performed an update to this page, it did not fully load and 80% was lost.  So, rather than re-type everything over and over he's just going to leave the documents here and let y'all download them and see the topics yourself.  It's not enough work to create and maintain a website, but to have to deal with problematic software from a web host that could care less about software issues - well, that's a PITA. 


Further below are copies of "Ad Cards" owned by the webmaster.  These are from various companies that once called Western New York (USA) home long ago.  There may be some from further East (such as Syracuse), also.  These cards have great graphics and were used by these firms for promoting their products.  Some are considered "Victorian Cards."   


2010 Sept-Oct Flywheel News - page 6
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2011 May-Jun Flywheel News - Page 6
2011 July-Aug Flywheel News - Page 6
2011 Sept-Oct Flywheel News - page 6

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