These are "Add-On" games provided by the web hosting software company, in association with 

Unfortunately, the first game below, Poker, cannot be made any larger.  What you nerdmaster did to play a game on the first day this this web page "Games Etc." was added to the website was enlarge the MS Explorer view to 200% to 300% or, better yet, 400%. 

After less than one hour of playing Poker using only 1-coin bets, your nerdmaster managed to hit 271 coins.  It seems like an easy game to play. 

Poker Hints:

  • You only get credit for a Pair for face cards and aces. 

  • For some reason, flushes seem easier to get than straights.  Before holding any cards, check for possible flushes. 

  • If you increase your bet, then the payout increases correspondingly.  To reduce the bet go up to 10 and the next increase will be back to 1 coin. 

  • Once you "Hold" a card you cannot undo that Hold.  If someone figures out how to "un-hold" a card let the webmaster know because he's not smart enough to figure that out.  

  • To start a new game just hit the "Refresh" button on your web browser, or just lose and you'll be asked if you want to play again. 

  • Have fun, but don't get addicted.  Just because the webmaster has no life doesn't mean that you don't have one because you probably do have a life.