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Click on either of the above PDF documents for old books discussing farm machinery.  The second is a free-of-charge e-book from Google. 


The second book is the RocketBrain CD on “Farm Engines and How To Run Them - A Simple, Practical Handbook for Experts and Amateurs” by James H. Stephenson, original publication in 1903.  This Adobe PDF courtesy of Gnosis International Inc., PDF copyright 2007, contact at .  Rocketbrain is an eBay seller with numerous digital documents of older historical books. 

Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view either PDF (Portable Document File) document.  The file is 162 Mb for the first book, 17 Mb for the second book, and they take up a sizable portion of the memory for this website. 


Please make use of these books, as the webmaster didn't put it here just to take up memory space.  

See pages 203 & 204 (book pages 205 and 206) for a brief mention of the Buffalo Pitts traction engine, and its attributes, in the second book. 


Before they were known as Buffalo Pitts, the company was known as "Pitts Agricultural." 

Here are some of their ads and "sales cards."