Anyone who has read about Buffalo Pitts in recent issues (since 2000) of various magazines such as Engineers & Engines as well as Western New York Heritage knows that Buffalo Pitts was trying to expand its business by designing & developing a forward-thinking airplane. 


Buffalo Pitts planned to manufacture this airplane so that they could utilize manufacturing space & capabilities that were going to waste because their other businesses were not doing well.  They hired Charles Morgan Olmsted, PhD, a relative of one of the Board members, to design and develop this airplane.  Unfortunately, it was too late and the plans had to be scrapped after much money was already invested.

To think that it would have been possible for Buffalo, NY to become an airplane manufacturing center for the United States is pretty heady.  Well, Western NY did become a "Center" of aviation manufacturing, in a sense.  Western NY has a rich aviation heritage, but it could've been even greater had Buffalo Pitts been able to begin manufacture of their innovative airplane.

Your webmaster has been in contact with Garrett Olmsted, PhD, a descendant of Dr. Charles Olmsted.  The younger Dr. Olmsted is in the process of preparing a manuscript of his family member's accomplishments.  He's looking for a publisher.  

The first patent listed is for the "Olmsted Propeller."  It was used in a famous flying boat produced and flown by Glenn Curtiss.   

1912 #1019078 Aviation Propeller - CM Olmsted.pdf

1915 #1138142 Spinning Propeller - CM Olmsted.pdf

1915 #1138401 Aerial Toy - CM Olmsted.pdf