The following patents involve steamrollers, and are primarily under the name of the Buffalo Pitts subsidiary of The Buffalo Steamroller Company.  These machines were basically steam tractors that were modified to become steam rollers, at least at first. 

Later steamroller designs were steamrollers from the start.  Manufacturing took place in Buffalo, NY initially.  Later, a merger with Kelly-Springfield was proposed.  Unfortunately, a major stockholder of Buffalo Pitts stock wouldn't budge on voting "for" the merger. 

However, during this time steamroller manufacturing was moved to Springfield, Ohio.  Thus, Buffalo Steamroller Company and Kelly-Springfield steamrollers were all made under one roof.  Later, the merger was approved, thus forming the legendary Buffalo Springfield Company of Springfield, OH.    

1906 #838478 Road Scarifier - MJ Todd.pdf

1908 #905073 Roller Scraper - CF Henn & D Farquhar.pdf

1909 #914256 Steamroller - D Farquhar.pdf

1909 #939877 Steam Roller MJ Todd & D Farquhar.pdf

1910 #976012 Steamroller - MJ Todd.pdf

1912 #1048608 Road Engine - EJ Vraalstad.pdf

1916 #1199613 Steamroller - JF Richardson.pdf

1918 #1252950 Steamroller - JF Richardson.pdf