Click HERE to view a photo album containing photos of a toy Buffalo Pitts traction engine produced by Pioneers Of Power headed by Robert Earl Gray of Eldora, Iowa.  

Mr. Gray was inducted into the Hall Of Fame at the National Farm Toy Museum in 2005.  Click HERE to access the hall Of Fame roster, and then scroll down a bit to read about Mr. Gray.  Click HERE to go to the home page for the Museum.

Robert Earl Gray founded "Pioneers Of Power" toys in the 1970's.  His models were made with "Koy-Loy," a high-strength aluminum alloy used in industrial bearings.  Obviously, Mr. Gray had expertise in casting small parts. He used to advertise his toys in the various magazines devoted to steam power, such as "Iron Men Album." 

A copy of one of his ads for the Buffalo Pitts Engine is immediately above.  The engine listed at $12, the Water Wagon (assumed to be Buffalo Pitts, as they did manufacture such optional equipment for their engines) was $7.20, and the Red River Special Thresher was $11.50.